Investment Management

Building goal based portfolios

Investment Philosophy

SAMT’s investment philosophy consists of preserving and compounding capital over time by constructing flexible and diversified portfolios. Our primary belief is that long-term wealth generation occurs by continuously compounding capital through producing consistent gains and avoiding or limiting losses when a market downturn occurs. This process is designed to achieve absolute portfolio goals which can be more valuable than simply outperforming a market benchmark.

Complete Independence

Our services are on a fee-only basis. We are not incentivized by any product offerings nor do we receive any third party fees which enables us to provide objective advice. Our compensation is solely based upon a percentage of assets under management.


SAMT has a dedicated team of highly experienced investment professionals to provide the following spectrum of investment advisory services. We believe our industry knowledge and robust investment technology platform can dramatically enhance the sophistication and oversight of an investment program.
  • Develop Investment Policy Statements that clearly define client objectives and outline all fiduciary roles and responsibilities
  • Construct investment portfolios with customized asset allocations
  • Provide customized Fixed Income only portfolios
  • Utilize in-house investment management expertise to reduce overall fees
  • Implement tactical rebalancing strategies and real time risk management
  • Provide monthly consolidated reporting
  • Display and measure performance by asset class

Fixed Income Specialty

We have built an internal team that specializes in the fixed income asset class. This asset class is often viewed as just a source for liquidity and overlooked as a source of predictable and excess return.

Risk Management Platform

SAMT has a very disciplined and quantitative process for risk management. This is one of our hallmarks to successfully executing our investment philosophy. The approach to risk management begins with our technology platform that allows us to monitor positions on a real time basis.